Zaful Leather Backpack

12:45 PM

Hello, here is me again. Hope you all have a great New Year I truly wish you all the best! Now, lets talk about this backpack that you see on this pic. I got this backpack off the site called 'Zaful'. You should check it out HERE
If you order something on the site, the shipping is free, so you can order anything, that sound pretty great! Now, the site has a lot of fashion things and some beauty related, so you should check them out.
The price of the backpack is $21,49 and it is available in 8 colors (WHAT?). And you can buy it on the link HERE. This must be my favorite thing that I got off their website, just saying. That is all, for today. :P 

Do you like the backpack?

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  1. Presladak je, pogotovo u crnoj boji, iako ja mislim da ne bih odoljela pa bi uzela onaj u bordo boji i mozgala kako ga kombinirati :D

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    1. Hehe, ja uvijek idem na sigurno pa uzemem crnu boju koja mi je i tak i onako jako draga. :)

  2. Presladak je, bas si zelim neki tako manji ruksak da moze na sve. Ovaj mi se bas svida :)


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